85 question from The Nature of Existence.


Why do we exist?
Who knows? Maybe we just do….

What is the best thing about existing?
Well to each person that is different, for me it is love to family.

What is our purpose?
Reproduction! As with every other living thing on this planet.

Is the world a better place for having had humans in it?
No we have done nothing but destroy it, you don’t see any animals running around destroying our planet only humans, sadly most don’t care,
How can we improve humanity?
There is no way to improve humanity, you can’t change peoples minds. No matter how much damage they do.
What is the best advice or philosophy for living?
There is no best advice, it’s all personal opinion. For me it’s love love and love some more.
What is religion?
It’s a belief in a deity, that attempts to explains our existence.
Why are there multiple religions?
Because there are different cultures, and through those cultures stories were made to explain life.
Should religions be challenged?
This is a definite yes, if you can’t question it then whats the point.
Is skepticism a good thing?
Yes it is what drives the knowledge we have.
Why do people get angry when their beliefs are challenged?
They have their own doubts of their religion!
Which religion is right?
There is no right answer.
Can all religions be correct?
REALLY correct? No if there is a deity there can only be one answer.
What does fear have to do with belief?
It is the fear of what will happen when we die and the confusion of understanding why we are here that drives religion.
Do we have a need to believe in something?
We have a want to understand “everything”.
What is spirituality?
This one is hard for me, I’m not sure that there is spirituality, but if there is I believe it would be what drives us and what passes to the next stage before reincarnation, or following lives.
Can religion and science coexist?
I think they can, unfortunately many things science uncovers goes against the holy books therefore most religious ignore it.
What’s the difference between religion and science?
Science requires facts that can be backed up religion relies on faith.
Can a religion change with society?
Was man created or did he evolve?
Definitely evolved like all other living things on Earth.
Is there a God?
Not in my books and if there is he is a mean one. I guess it could be possible there is guy that created us as an experiment, but then who created him?
What is the definition of God?
An entity and creator of all things.
What gives you certainty in your belief?
I’m constantly seeking what I believe, facts drive my belief. Which explains my acceptance of evolution.
How do you deal with doubt?
I investigate my doubts, try to understand them.
Who created God?
Thats a darn good question!
Is God male or female?
Ummmm neither
What does God need from us?
Again ummmmmmmmm
Who is/are the Messiah(s)?
People who “believe” they are close contact to God? Act like that today and your a crazy mofo.
Who is the Devil?
Apparently me….
What is faith?
Believing in something with no factual evidence. When there is no real answer you MUST have faith!
What is a fact?
It is something that can be backed with evidence.
How can we tell which is which?
What is truth?
The truth is like knowing somebody isnt lying to you.
How do we determine truth?
We weigh the sides of the story, the evidence.
Which truth is right?
Who knows.
Is the holy-book(s) literally true?
I don’t think so. If it is it’s some scary crap and I don’t want anything to do with it.
What is the origin of the holy book(s)?
A bunch of different writers.
How do we accept a holy book that positively portrays unacceptable behaviors like slavery, incest, murder, etc.?
Another brilliant question. Id like to understand this. Apparently if it makes us feel good to read the good parts then we can forget the bad ones. So remember to forgive that sexual predator next time you see him!
Can we take what we like about a religion/belief system and make our own version and throw out the rest?
Of course you can it’s a free life do what you will.
What is morality?
The ability to know right from wrong.
Is there a moral yardstick that applies to all cultures?
Where does morality, or our “conscience,” comes from?
I believe many are there at birth, and many are learned and lost as well through being raised.
Is altruism or morality possible without belief in a deity?
Very much so!! Sometimes more.
What is sin?
A made up thing to scare people.
What is the punishment for sin?
Well in The holy book, it’s punishable by death and many many other horrible things.
Is thought the same as deeds?
I don’t know about this one.
Does God want to test us? Why?
If there does happen to be one then apparently so.
Should a person have sex before marriage?
Sure! Marriage is actually a religious thing, so for me it doesn’t make a matter.
Is masturbation a sin?
I don’t know I don’t have sin. Probably so, but then again getting cut tied or burnt to prevent pregnancy probably is too.
What determines sexual orientation?
Personal decisions
Why is God interested in our sexual behavior?
Who the crap knows!
Should women be treated differently than men?
I don’t know where all that came from, but oh well.
Do we have free will?
Of course.
Is everything predetermined?
Not even slightly.
What entity predetermined fate or destiny?
Why is there suffering?
Because that’s life!
What is best path to happiness?
Again there is no “best” path.
Does God intercede in human tragedies?
I hope not cause there are a lot of tragedies!
Does prayer work?
If so, why does God allow holocausts, and disasters?
We gotta wipe out evil people somehow.
If not, why pray?
Another wonderful question.
Does meditation work?
Yes in some instances
How does meditation work?
It helps clear your mind
What is a soul?
Another hard one for me, if its there its what is inside of us that makes us who we are. Our heart.
Do animals have souls?
Well yeah they are no different than us.
Does a soul have the same thoughts and feelings when outside the body?
I would assume.
If a soul does not carry our memories, then what is a soul since it is our memories that make us up?
What purpose does a brain serve if a soul can exist and feel without it?
Body control??
Is there an afterlife?
Toughy, it’s a possibility but again no proof.
Where is it?
Here on Earth.
Where do we go after death?
We stay here.
Why do we need an afterlife?
I don’t have these answers.
When does life begin?
As divided parts, a sperm and egg within mommy and daddy.
When should abortion be allowed?
It is a womans choice
Is it ever appropriate to kill another person?
When they are threatening lives.
What are supernatural beliefs?
Anything not explainable by natural rules.
Are there extraterrestrial?
Who are they?
I dunno, hopefully their not mean.
Do psychics work, and if you are religious, are they allowed?
no, and I don’t know.
Where do the voices in our heads come from?
Our head
Will there be a doomsday?
One day.. But not by God by nature and/or ourselves.
What is the greatest danger facing man’s existence?
How do we stop conflict?
Should different cultures be preserved, or are our cultural differences the source of strife?
yes they should be preserved.
Should political leaders invoke a deity in decisions or policy?
NO NEVER, that is doom.


~ by Steves' Corner on December 10, 2010.

One Response to “85 question from The Nature of Existence.”

  1. YAY! Steve your blogging! and alot of our answers match up, must be why we can talk religion and still get along after! Keep blogging!

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