I sit here thinking, about people and their ways. Thinking I’m misunderstood. I think people think I am attacking their religion, their ways. I’m not, my point isn’t that you can’t have your religion, but that you shouldn’t try to make everybody have your beliefs. I have had several people delete me on Facebook over religious things. I haven’t figured out yet why it is ok for them to announce their feelings, but it’s not for me. My goal in my stances is not to take away your rights or try to sway your belief, I have learned very quickly that that is basically impossible. I want to cover a few subjects and explain my views on them.

First of course is religion in schools. I would like to say that while in general I am against this, there are some exceptions. If you want to allow the unbiased teaching of EVERY religion, then I would be willing to accept religion in schools. But there is a problem, right? Majority people would be throwing fits if their kids were being taught about Ala, or the many gods and goddesses of Paganism. So am I right, unless we are teaching the Christian God we don’t want it? The problem with this scenario is that people are left out, sure if you were a popular kid in school you didn’t deal much with this and therefore don’t understand the not “fitting” in. I mean if I had came out in high school and said I don’t believe in God, I would have been screwed. I was already a walking joke as it was, that would have put me over the line. By having staff lead prayer it puts students in a do I fit in and shut up or do I sit outside alone by myself. That is not much of an option. How many of you would have really done that, so is that fair to those kids who don’t believe? So again for me it is EVERY religion or none! Now to speak outside of that box, do you really want the government involved in teaching your kids something you hold so dear? Besides nobody stops them from breaking into their own groups and having prayer. Honestly religion should be taught by parents in their own home or Church, and if you can’t make time to do that than you must not be that worried about what your child believes. Which is not a bad thing, I don’t care what my children believe, but they will know there are many religions, and that NONE of them can be proven wrong or right!

Second subject for today is “under God” in the pledge and “In God we trust” on our money. Well this falls much under the same issues of God in schools but this is for everyone. Those two words didn’t show up in the pledge until 1954 and it was the following year that “In God we trust” lawfully HAD to be put on our money. So under one President these changes took place. The pledge I don’t like for the fact that every time we or our kids say the pledge they are expected to say that part and that goes back to other peoples rights. As far as the money, I was confronted with ” I don’t see you having a problem taking our money with “In God we trust”, well no you don’t. How am I suppose to deny the only form of cash accepted in the US? God should NOT be on our money! But then someone made a point, you know I only use cash once every few months. I used debit card for basically every purchase I make so I don’t end up using the God paraphernalia much at all!

I am not asking anyone to stop their belief, or try to limit their options. But I do think they should be a little more pliable to others beliefs. They have a right to all those same things that you keep trying to force. So if Johnny teaches your son Jimmy about Judaism you shouldn’t complain at all because most of your kids will try to push their beliefs on the other kid also. The kids do pick up their ways from their parents or their caregivers! So before your so quick to judge somebody or delete them from your list, make sure you take a good look in the mirror because chances are you do the same thing!


~ by Steves' Corner on March 29, 2011.

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