My day

Well it was a LONG day to say the least, up and at school by 8. Jen had an hour long class, while I slept in the car. After her class we tried to sleep in the car, which didn’t work very well. So not having another class until 5:30 we decided to go up and have breakfast. Then we just kinda lolly gagged around for a little bit. We decided to go to our First Aid class and got all that worked out. We have 4 one hour classes of those and we will be done, then the second half of the quarter we have CPR for professional rescuers. Then we passed a little more time and then went to our Myology class. We covered muscles for facial expressions. During that class we went over to look at a cadaver which we will be doing almost every class. This was my first cadaver experience, I was extremely nervous about it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it was a little weird, and the smell of formaldehyde isn’t pretty but overall it wasn’t bad! Came home and relaxed for the evening. We have a test every week in Myology, which is going to be really tough!


~ by Steves' Corner on March 30, 2011.

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