Silent Love

With the loss of Molly I find myself thinking, as well as discussing with Jennifer, the role of dogs in our lives. Molly while having lived with Joni for many years now has always been kinda like a sister to me. We got Molly when I was around 14, a few years after we lost Chi Chi. Molly was a full blooded Golden Retriever, Mom had wanted one for a long time. I taught her to jump onto the 4-wheeler to take a ride, she loved taking those rides! I use to take her for walks, during some of the worst days of my teenage years. I stayed depressed as a teen, feeling as though I didn’t belong anywhere, Molly loved me though and even if she didn’t understand all those words I spoke to her she still listened and she was just there! She always ran the neighborhood and everyone knew her. Chi Chi was a great dog as well, they got her when I was just a baby, they always told me how she would lay by me and protect me. Both of those dogs lived long lives and they were a very solid part of my life.

People tend to act like dogs are “animals” and they are lesser. Just to clarify I don’t think any animal is lesser, and I use the word as a grouping. As a matter of fact I feel that most animals can be seen as a person. Every dog, every cat, every living thing on this Earth has some sort of personality which makes them a person in my book. While some “animals” are domesticated and can be kept in home, others are wild. But somewhere down the historical road someone had to have had a relationship with a wild animal for the idea of domestication to happen. There have always been relationships among humans and other living beings. I make these separations grudgingly because I think I would rather just add humans to the animal grouping and not have any difference at all.

Think about all of the service dogs, for the blind, for police work, and many others. They tend to love what they do. They are there to make their loved one happy and help them. How many times have you heard a story about a dog, or cat alarming it’s loved one about something, or helping them when they are in danger. There are stories everywhere, these beings are not dumb by any means, many times I think they are smarter than a lot of humans. They don’t judge you by your religion, or color, or sexual preference, they just love you as long as you love them back. How many humans love that openly? Sadly the numbers are a lot lower, which is very unfortunate, and it makes me happy that people can have these dogs/cats and others to help them through the tough times.

When I look back Chi Chi and Molly are probably why I feel as strongly about animals as I do. I hope they shall rest in peace in whatever is or isn’t after life, their lives will continue for years to come in the memories of those lives they touched! For both of them they touched many. I also hope that every person gets to enjoy the love of the being within their dog/cat and that they don’t just look at them as an animal. Theres nothing quite like the love that they give!

Wrote with love by:
Steven Swords Jr.


~ by Steves' Corner on June 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Silent Love”

  1. I know how ya feel! Bob’s my best friend and I can’t even begin to picture a day without him. He’s as much a part of this family as Tom or the kids, in fact somedays he’s the only one I still like! 🙂 I don’t think of him as a lesser being, he’s just as smart and personable as us. The only thing that’ll keep me sane when he passes is that we will meet up again in the next life.

  2. Molly was amazing. I’m sure chi chi was too. I’m glad that we had the chance to have Molly as our dog because she’s the nicest dog I’ve ever met. She was so loving and friendly. I think that animals are as important as human beings because they are so loyal and everything.

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