The Messenger (2009)

This movie is about a recently returning soldier, who was in an attack and had been hurt. His name was Will Montgomery played by Ben Foster. After returning he was assigned to the Casualty Notification Team, he is partnered with Tony Stone played by Woody Harrelson. There was definitely good and bad to this movie. The quality was not all that, must have been low budget. The acting on the other hand wasn’t too bad at all. Tony Stone tried teaching Will the “rules”, no hugging, do not involve yourself, etc.. They go through the struggles he endures, including falling for one of the widows. It makes you think about the job that these soldiers must do and how hard it is to remain human along the way. On a scale of 1-5 I would give this movie a 2.5. Worth seeing but I would not buy it, it is currently available on Netflix instant streaming. There is nudity and sexual content as well as bad language, so be aware with any children around.


~ by Steves' Corner on September 11, 2011.

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