The Beach (2000)

The Beach stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Richard. Richard is taking a vacation, while staying at a hotel he meets a crazy guy named Daffy. Daffy tells of this wonderful beach that no one can find. Richard in the morning finds a map waiting for him, a map to the beach. He then finds Daffy dead from suicide. He gathers a couple that were in the next room and they take off to find the beach. Before they finally get to the so called paradise Richard decided to copy the map for a couple guys he met. They spend time fishing and learning at the beach, then things began driving downhill, with shark attacks and threats of other people coming. Richard spends some time away from camp to try to prevent intruders from getting too far, but the pot farmers kill the group of 4 before he gets the chance. Richard rushes back to get the couple he brought with him and run before the farmers came. They were caught before escaping. All in all this movie was not bad. I give it 3 out of 5.


~ by Steves' Corner on September 12, 2011.

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