Dying Young (1991)

This movie is about a young woman, Hillary O’Neil (Julia Roberts). After being cheated on by her boyfriend, she is off to try to find a new beginning. After responding to an ad for a job, she begins working for a man that is fighting Lukemia. As he struggles with the chemotherapy she begins falling for him. He tells her the chemotherapy is done but the fight still continues, they take a stay cation and rent a house on the beach. She realizes that he is still sick and must convince him to go back to the hospital. He didn’t want to continue the aggressive chemotherapy, he had planned on running again, so he could just die. Then she was finally able to talk him into going back. The end of the movie was them walking out of the rental house. The ending was the only part I really didn’t like. This movie gets a 3 out of 5 on my scale!


~ by Steves' Corner on September 13, 2011.

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