Day 3- Feb 25, 2013

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Checked levels at 8:45 PM.

SW Gravity- 1.023

Nitrate- 0 (safe)

Nitrite- .5 (caution)

pH- 7.8 (acceptable)

Alkalinity- 300 (ideal)

Everything seems good, nitrite levels have began increasing.

— Also began a 5 gal. Freshwater tank in the bedroom. I decided to keep it’s info here too.—

Day 1 Feb 24, 2013

Started tank late last night.

Nitrate- 0

Nitrite- 0

Hardness- 300 ( very hard)

Alkalinity- 300

pH- 7.2

Day 2 Feb 25,2013

Nitrate- 0


Hardness- 150

Alkalinity- 180


– added plants day 2 to try to start the cycle.


Dying Young (1991)

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This movie is about a young woman, Hillary O’Neil (Julia Roberts). After being cheated on by her boyfriend, she is off to try to find a new beginning. After responding to an ad for a job, she begins working for a man that is fighting Lukemia. As he struggles with the chemotherapy she begins falling for him. He tells her the chemotherapy is done but the fight still continues, they take a stay cation and rent a house on the beach. She realizes that he is still sick and must convince him to go back to the hospital. He didn’t want to continue the aggressive chemotherapy, he had planned on running again, so he could just die. Then she was finally able to talk him into going back. The end of the movie was them walking out of the rental house. The ending was the only part I really didn’t like. This movie gets a 3 out of 5 on my scale!

The Beach (2000)

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The Beach stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Richard. Richard is taking a vacation, while staying at a hotel he meets a crazy guy named Daffy. Daffy tells of this wonderful beach that no one can find. Richard in the morning finds a map waiting for him, a map to the beach. He then finds Daffy dead from suicide. He gathers a couple that were in the next room and they take off to find the beach. Before they finally get to the so called paradise Richard decided to copy the map for a couple guys he met. They spend time fishing and learning at the beach, then things began driving downhill, with shark attacks and threats of other people coming. Richard spends some time away from camp to try to prevent intruders from getting too far, but the pot farmers kill the group of 4 before he gets the chance. Richard rushes back to get the couple he brought with him and run before the farmers came. They were caught before escaping. All in all this movie was not bad. I give it 3 out of 5.

The Messenger (2009)

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This movie is about a recently returning soldier, who was in an attack and had been hurt. His name was Will Montgomery played by Ben Foster. After returning he was assigned to the Casualty Notification Team, he is partnered with Tony Stone played by Woody Harrelson. There was definitely good and bad to this movie. The quality was not all that, must have been low budget. The acting on the other hand wasn’t too bad at all. Tony Stone tried teaching Will the “rules”, no hugging, do not involve yourself, etc.. They go through the struggles he endures, including falling for one of the widows. It makes you think about the job that these soldiers must do and how hard it is to remain human along the way. On a scale of 1-5 I would give this movie a 2.5. Worth seeing but I would not buy it, it is currently available on Netflix instant streaming. There is nudity and sexual content as well as bad language, so be aware with any children around.

Silent Love

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With the loss of Molly I find myself thinking, as well as discussing with Jennifer, the role of dogs in our lives. Molly while having lived with Joni for many years now has always been kinda like a sister to me. We got Molly when I was around 14, a few years after we lost Chi Chi. Molly was a full blooded Golden Retriever, Mom had wanted one for a long time. I taught her to jump onto the 4-wheeler to take a ride, she loved taking those rides! I use to take her for walks, during some of the worst days of my teenage years. I stayed depressed as a teen, feeling as though I didn’t belong anywhere, Molly loved me though and even if she didn’t understand all those words I spoke to her she still listened and she was just there! She always ran the neighborhood and everyone knew her. Chi Chi was a great dog as well, they got her when I was just a baby, they always told me how she would lay by me and protect me. Both of those dogs lived long lives and they were a very solid part of my life.

People tend to act like dogs are “animals” and they are lesser. Just to clarify I don’t think any animal is lesser, and I use the word as a grouping. As a matter of fact I feel that most animals can be seen as a person. Every dog, every cat, every living thing on this Earth has some sort of personality which makes them a person in my book. While some “animals” are domesticated and can be kept in home, others are wild. But somewhere down the historical road someone had to have had a relationship with a wild animal for the idea of domestication to happen. There have always been relationships among humans and other living beings. I make these separations grudgingly because I think I would rather just add humans to the animal grouping and not have any difference at all.

Think about all of the service dogs, for the blind, for police work, and many others. They tend to love what they do. They are there to make their loved one happy and help them. How many times have you heard a story about a dog, or cat alarming it’s loved one about something, or helping them when they are in danger. There are stories everywhere, these beings are not dumb by any means, many times I think they are smarter than a lot of humans. They don’t judge you by your religion, or color, or sexual preference, they just love you as long as you love them back. How many humans love that openly? Sadly the numbers are a lot lower, which is very unfortunate, and it makes me happy that people can have these dogs/cats and others to help them through the tough times.

When I look back Chi Chi and Molly are probably why I feel as strongly about animals as I do. I hope they shall rest in peace in whatever is or isn’t after life, their lives will continue for years to come in the memories of those lives they touched! For both of them they touched many. I also hope that every person gets to enjoy the love of the being within their dog/cat and that they don’t just look at them as an animal. Theres nothing quite like the love that they give!

Wrote with love by:
Steven Swords Jr.

My day

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Well it was a LONG day to say the least, up and at school by 8. Jen had an hour long class, while I slept in the car. After her class we tried to sleep in the car, which didn’t work very well. So not having another class until 5:30 we decided to go up and have breakfast. Then we just kinda lolly gagged around for a little bit. We decided to go to our First Aid class and got all that worked out. We have 4 one hour classes of those and we will be done, then the second half of the quarter we have CPR for professional rescuers. Then we passed a little more time and then went to our Myology class. We covered muscles for facial expressions. During that class we went over to look at a cadaver which we will be doing almost every class. This was my first cadaver experience, I was extremely nervous about it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it was a little weird, and the smell of formaldehyde isn’t pretty but overall it wasn’t bad! Came home and relaxed for the evening. We have a test every week in Myology, which is going to be really tough!


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I sit here thinking, about people and their ways. Thinking I’m misunderstood. I think people think I am attacking their religion, their ways. I’m not, my point isn’t that you can’t have your religion, but that you shouldn’t try to make everybody have your beliefs. I have had several people delete me on Facebook over religious things. I haven’t figured out yet why it is ok for them to announce their feelings, but it’s not for me. My goal in my stances is not to take away your rights or try to sway your belief, I have learned very quickly that that is basically impossible. I want to cover a few subjects and explain my views on them.

First of course is religion in schools. I would like to say that while in general I am against this, there are some exceptions. If you want to allow the unbiased teaching of EVERY religion, then I would be willing to accept religion in schools. But there is a problem, right? Majority people would be throwing fits if their kids were being taught about Ala, or the many gods and goddesses of Paganism. So am I right, unless we are teaching the Christian God we don’t want it? The problem with this scenario is that people are left out, sure if you were a popular kid in school you didn’t deal much with this and therefore don’t understand the not “fitting” in. I mean if I had came out in high school and said I don’t believe in God, I would have been screwed. I was already a walking joke as it was, that would have put me over the line. By having staff lead prayer it puts students in a do I fit in and shut up or do I sit outside alone by myself. That is not much of an option. How many of you would have really done that, so is that fair to those kids who don’t believe? So again for me it is EVERY religion or none! Now to speak outside of that box, do you really want the government involved in teaching your kids something you hold so dear? Besides nobody stops them from breaking into their own groups and having prayer. Honestly religion should be taught by parents in their own home or Church, and if you can’t make time to do that than you must not be that worried about what your child believes. Which is not a bad thing, I don’t care what my children believe, but they will know there are many religions, and that NONE of them can be proven wrong or right!

Second subject for today is “under God” in the pledge and “In God we trust” on our money. Well this falls much under the same issues of God in schools but this is for everyone. Those two words didn’t show up in the pledge until 1954 and it was the following year that “In God we trust” lawfully HAD to be put on our money. So under one President these changes took place. The pledge I don’t like for the fact that every time we or our kids say the pledge they are expected to say that part and that goes back to other peoples rights. As far as the money, I was confronted with ” I don’t see you having a problem taking our money with “In God we trust”, well no you don’t. How am I suppose to deny the only form of cash accepted in the US? God should NOT be on our money! But then someone made a point, you know I only use cash once every few months. I used debit card for basically every purchase I make so I don’t end up using the God paraphernalia much at all!

I am not asking anyone to stop their belief, or try to limit their options. But I do think they should be a little more pliable to others beliefs. They have a right to all those same things that you keep trying to force. So if Johnny teaches your son Jimmy about Judaism you shouldn’t complain at all because most of your kids will try to push their beliefs on the other kid also. The kids do pick up their ways from their parents or their caregivers! So before your so quick to judge somebody or delete them from your list, make sure you take a good look in the mirror because chances are you do the same thing!